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justyna neyman

Sale and orders

I paint my paintings mainly to order by individual clients. You can also select a piece from already completed works. If a piece you liked has already been sold, you can also order a very similar one in any format.

In any case, it is best to discuss an order via email (justyna.neyman@o2.pl) or over the phone (515 315 333) – I take individualised approach with every client. As I have extensive experience in commissioned artwork, I can easily advise you on the colours, framing, etc. It usually takes approximately two weeks to complete a painting commissioned for an individual order (we agree on a deadline before any work starts). Of course, in special cases, this time may be shorter.

Very often my clients order paintings that are meant as a surprise gifts for someone else – in order to match the taste and expectations of the recipient, I need as much information as possible about that person.

The price of the painting depends on its format and the degree of complexity and skill required (the portraits are most demanding). Just for reference and in general – the price of the smallest painting (such as a Damsel) is approx. 220 – 250 Polish zlotys.