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justyna neyman


I created Duftart, which is a new style in painting, and I am its first representative in Poland.

The Duftart paintings are illustrations and portraits of scents and perfume.

By temperament I am an illustrator and, at some point in my life, my art naturally combined itself with my passion for perfume.
I completed my first paintings inspired by perfume as early as in 2010, and three years later, in 2013, the MonCredo perfumery in Warsaw offered to organise an exhibition of my works – and for this exhibition I painted 10 portraits of fragrances (the working concept of Duftart) which I myself selected.

This exhibition was a defining point for my creative search, my continuing quest in artistic development. Additionally Duftart provides me with almost limitless possibilities in terms of subjects of my paintings, creative media, and style – for me the scents and fragrances are a body of literature I am trying to illustrate.