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justyna neyman



Animals appeared in my works when I decided to devote my career to painting, after I resigned from the advertising agency, in 2003. Initially I thought my animal paintings would be hung in children’s rooms. While illustrating children’s books is quite common, paintings creates specifically for such young audience are almost completely absent. Meanwhile, it became clear, even during the very first exhibition, that the buyers of my Animals were adults who purchased these paintings for themselves. As they told me, they were captivated by the lyrical, sometimes fairy-tale mood and the warmth with which I treated each of my creatures.


I painted Animals until 2011, when I started creating the Damsels. However, I do know that I will be returning to this subject, because I adore that touching smile that the finished painting of the animal brings to my face (and to the audience’s faces) as well as the cheerful mood of the work.