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justyna neyman

About me


My name is Justyna Neyman, and I was born in 1969, in Warsaw, where I live and create. I completed my diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphic Arts, at Professor Janusz Stanny’s Studio of Book Illustration (1997). When I was still a student I began doing projects for advertising agencies, but since 2003 I have been devoting my time exclusively to art (the cycles Animals, Drawings, Damsels, and recently Duftart). My works were included in many exhibitions, the most recent one in April 2013, where I presented my duftart paintings (Mon Credo Warsaw). 

I also run a blog Brulion Malarski, where you can view my progress with current projects, and where I also publish reviews and essays.

My passion, which has been crucial for my artwork, is perfume and fragrances, which I also compose.

In my private life, I am married to Wojciech Cygan (actor and singer) and mother to Gustaw (born 2008).